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Heatpump Water Heater HiCOP AI 200


HiCOP Domesic Heat Pump water heater with a COP which is 4 imes higher than that of the water heater, this series of water heater is an environmentally friendly and new designed product special for providing domesic hot water.
Enameled water storage tank used as the inner container of the water heater prevents corrosion and brings better quality water to the user, the coil which is fixed outside the water tank also avoids being corroded and its service life will be increased.

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HiCOP AI 200 Spesification

Model All In One AI-200
Heating Capacity kW 1.8
Water Tank Capacity L 200
Power Input kW 0.46
Running Current A 2.0
Power Supply 220V~/50Hz
Compressor  Rotary
Rated Outlet Water Temp 0C 55
Air Volume m3/h 350
Air Pressure Pa 40
Duct Diameter mm 150
Noise dB(A) 45
Water Inlet/Outlet Size  Inch 3/4
 *Auxiliary E-Heater kW 1,5
Net Dimensions mm 560 x 1732
Shipping Dimensions mm 720 x 720 x 1930
Net Weight Kg 112

Measurement conditions :
Instant heating : Ambient temperature 150C/130C, Water inlet 150C, Water Outlet 450C
Work range : (1) Ambient temperature is-7-400C (2) The max temperature of water tank is 600C
Operating parameters : The range of the operating water temperatur es : 9~600C
The range of the operating water pressures : 0.15~0.7 MPa
Note : HiCOP reserves the right to discontinue, or change at anytime, specifications or designs without notices and without incurring obligations.


  1. High COP of 4.0
    Apply compressors special for heat pump and acquire the COP of 4.0.
  2. Long Service Life
    Coil which is around the unit avoids direct contact with the water and corrosion coused by negaive ion, thus the service life would be prolonged.
  3. Excellent Inner Container
    Apply enameled water storage tank with high hardness, high temperature and high pressure resistance as the inner container which makes the water in the unit healthier and safer for use.
  4. Thermostatic Expansion Valve
    Applying thermostatic expansion valve as the throttling set makes the unit more adjustable in wide working temperature range and operate more stably and efficient.
  5. Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant
    R134a used as the refrigerant in the unit is polluion-free and with good heaing performance.
  6. Good Looking Screen
    The screen with elegant looking can be set to orange or blue background.
  7. Wireless Control – iPhone
    Cell phone can be used as a controller if there is a relaive applicaion installed in it. the most fashionable Wi-Fi technology applied in the unit ensures you to check and set the unit whenever and wherever you want.
  8. Intelegent Defrosting
    Using electromagnetic valve for defrosting makes the least heat loss of the unit as there is no fluctuaion in water temperature and this also ensures excellent performance of the unit.
  9. P&T Relief Valve
    Apply P&T relief valve, which will automically switch on or off depending on thepressure or temperature in the tank, to ensure the safety of the unit.